BT Coin Miners are the 's0urce' of the in-game currency, used on the black market, known as 'BT Coins'. These miners come in 6 different types each with their own levels on BT coin output. BT coins are used to: Upgrade your ports, Hacking enemy players ports, and buying more BT coin miners. The 'My Miners' app/window lists off all your currently owned miners.

There are 6 types of BT Coin Miners:

Name BTC/sec Description
Data Miner 0.0002 Basic miner that runs on your personal computer. Generates a small amount of BT Coins
Advanced Miner 0.0075 Highly advanced, personal use gadgets used for generating a larger amount of BT Coins.
Mining Drill 0.039 Drills deep into the deep web in order to output a higher quantity of BT coins.
Data Center 1.07 Once a shipping warehouse, and now the center for all your bit mining machines.
Botnet 6.4 Infects computers all around the world through the use of trojans to mine a much larger quantity of BT Coins for your personal use.
Quantum Server 53.33 A underground facility once used for testing the ASPHD then shutdown and re-purposed as your hall of highly advanced supercomputers which dig down to the quantum level to harvest BT coins at an exponential rate.
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